about rukout

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about rukout
    Rukout is an emerging 3d graphics company specializing in architectural visualizations for architects, developers, and designers.We are here to provide quality, photo-realistic 3d renderings to the architectural and design industry to aid and provide them the best marketing solutions they need.

    Rukout is an organization aimed to create the wealth of our natural being, even if the times and   environment are changing, we will always be committed to:
        1...always provide the service which is exceptional to the clients
        2...do our best efforts to comply with the law and respect the morality of the times
        3...transform an experience to improve our growth positively, if our best efforts does not go 
             well as intended
        4...do business that generates profit
        5...employ members who could share our values 1-4, and grow as the firm grows

        Founded: December 2001
        Established: July 19, 2007
        Founder: Sohei Abe

    Established in 2002, we started doing softwares and creating our own open-source software, nihonsoft (www.nihonsoft.com). While trying to find the target to apply our software, we discovered Second Life. It is an online 3D virtual community where users have the freedom to create their own contents using the in-world 3d tools provided.
    This is how we got into the 3D CG industry in 2006. But since Second Life was limited in its CG application we moved on to pure CG. While doing CG, we found that theres a great demand for it around the world, and thus, 3D became our main focus.
    Originally, our clients are from Japan but we are slowly establishing ourselves outside the country maintaining the highest standards for every project.We have a team of dedicated artists and designers with a passion for 3d arts and design. Our goal is to help you visualize your designs, provide successful marketing solutions, and make that sale through reliable and honest customer service.
    Have a look at our portfolio and imagine what we can do for your firm. You can also contact us if you have any project proposals you would like to discuss.