Each CG studio has its own method to come up with better images for their clients' success. We do have one as well.
Standardized process to consistently output high quality image in timely fashion to help our clients succeed in their architecture designing by visualizing client's ideas in the exact way they imagine it, even though it is not written down on the papers at the beginning of project.
              We are sustaining our methodology with 2 main attributes of methodology and its standardized process to handle each project.

 Our Methodology
3d process

• Extensive training to make it fast. Our designers have learned the techniques and tools necessary to succeed in the competitive world of digital production. We are continuously refining our CG skills through learning new technologies and software that can improve the quality of our work. We apply all our knowledge learned to finish one project in 5 days or less.

• Assigning the same director/designer for each client. One director/designer is assigned as your point of contact throughout the whole project. He is responsible for understanding your project, confirming all the details, updating you with the progress, and making sure all your requirements are met while maintaining the highest quality and standards.

3d community activity

• 30% rules for researching better tools. We are always on the lookout for new software and tools to improve our knowledge in dealing  with a project. Each project is a learning opportunity for us, and as technology grows so do the range of services we provide.
• Community involvement. We are also engaged in the cg community and strive to share our own knowledge learned from projects and research. We have two tutorials and several free models at the moment made available on this website.

Standardized Process

Request for Rendering

To request for a proposal, you can send us an AutoCAD file (or PDF) of the project with a quick description of the area(s) we will be working on. We will email to you a proposal with the details that we need. Once we receive confirmation, we will proceed with the project. 

Client Review
You will have full control over the project as you will be updated of the progress at various stages of creation. We do not proceed to the next step unless the previous step has been finalized and has no corrections.
Gathering Data
Before we can start your project, we need all the necessary information you can provide. This can be AutoCAD plans (or PDF versions), material samples, color watches, reference images, mood preference images, furnitures, lighting design, landscaping and other data we need to know to complete the project.
Initial Modeling
white model

• Getting everything correct from the start is important, so after creating the 3D model of your project we will send a white model for you to review.
 We can also use your own 3D model if you already have one.
 If there is no specified viewing angle, we can provide different camera angles so you can choose the angle(s) that best showcase your project.

Material and Lighting

• We then apply materials and set-up lighting plans based on the data and instructions you provided.
• We will send our first draft rendering of the image for you to review.



• After getting your feedback, we fix what is necessary and proceed to adding more details to the image.
• We have a library of objects (furniture, plants, trees, lighting fixtures, vehicles, etc) that we can use to fill the scene. We can also model custom objects that you need for the project. 
• We will then send another draft-medium quality rendering for you to check.

Pre-final Rendering

pre-final render

• Final fixes are done so we can prepare the image for final high resolution rendering.

Final Rendering  

• The final high-quality, photo-realistic rendering is delivered.
• Our standard output is A3 with 150 dpi.
• Invoice is sent after completion. 

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