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Making of 'Time'

   An animation on how time perception vary for different people based on how they experience time in different situations.


In the early stage, rough storyboard and animatic were created to help show details of the scenes and the flow of the story

Concept Designs
Early concept art for the animation to establish style, color, and the general feel of the design.

Rough designs for the character showing sample actions from their scenes


These are Initial designs for the environment with generic urban style for the overall look.



Animation Technique

For our first attempt in creating 2d animation we decided to use cutout technique.
Cutout animation is one of the simplest technique so it is easier and faster to make
compared to other animation style

Character, Props, Environment

Final Designs for the characters, environment, and props were all created digitally in photoshop
designed in a way that they would work when animated in cutout style.

Final Character Designs:


Cutout Elements for one of the Characters:

Final Environment Designs



Animation were made in Toon Boom Studio, importing all the all the environments, props, and characters elements in the software.

Test Renders
these are some of the test renders made while making the film

 Skip Cycle for the School Girl
 Animation Test

Post Production
For Post Production we used media editing software like Sony Vegas to edit the rendered animation footage.
 Sound effects were added and musical score to enhance the mood of the scenes.
Additional enhancement were made like color correction, etc.

Final Movie